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How to Maintain a successful Buddy Pair

Being paired with a buddy is the most exciting thing ever! Through buddy pairs, our organization has seen friendships bloom and last for a life time We want to give you some tips and tricks on how you can maintain your OTP (one true pairing)!

1.) Find common interests. Conversations will be more natural and you shouldn’t feel like you have to stay on topics that don’t interest you.

2.) Be respectful of each other and each other's investment on your friendship.

3.) Learn nontraditional ways of communication! It keeps things more interesting and forms a stronger bond!

4.) Plan out your activities, accordingly. If things do not go the way as planned, it's ok! As buddy pairs, it is important to understand each other when there are sudden changes to your schedules.

5.) Always keep an open communication with each other.

Have anymore suggestions on how to maintain a successful buddy pair?

Comment below! We'd love to know how you have been keeping your friendship stronger than ever!

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