Leaders of Inclusion at UCLA

Best Buddies is a worldwide organization that encourages the awareness of inclusion all over the world. We are fortunate to have some of the coolest local and state ambassadors of Best Buddies as part of our chapter!

What is an ambassador for Best Buddies? 

A participant with or without IDD, youth or adult, who has completed an official Best Buddies ambassador training and is committed to promoting and educating audiences about the mission, philosophy, and benefits of Best Buddies through public speaking.

Meet the Best Buddies Ambassadors of UCLA

Well, I don’t know how long I been with Best Buddies but all I can say is that we are the people. With Best Buddies they get us a lot of support and the opportunities they gave us. Without them helping me to find a job where my Dream job at UCLA and is a step towards my Independence because they BELIEVE in ABILITIES and that we are
CHANGING the WORLD together. Making the connection to make a lot of new
interesting people. I see the ABILITIES not their DISABILITY. Especially going to many
Events with them like the Buddy Walk at Long Beach and being an International
Ambassador and to travel to get more people to get involved

Caley Verselt

Local Ambassador

Best Buddies is important to me because you’re helping people that have special
abilities to have friendship or find employment through the jobs program and to form friendships that last a lifetime

Lisa Koskovich

Local Ambassador

Before Best Buddies we were alone for friendship and attending events for fun we love too go too the Movies go too events Bowling and hanging out with friends and Best Buddies helped us to become more social.

Marc Dobry & Sean Dobry

Local Ambassadors

I joined Best Buddies on a whim in 2017 and I never thought I would be an Ambassador let alone a State Ambassador at that! Best Buddies helped me to heal the rift in myself after not accepting myself for who I am as person and learning that I am more than capable of anything I set my mind to and that I see what my friends have told me over the years that I am kind, fearless and caring as well as inspirational.

Richard Nakai

State Ambassador
Best Buddies at UCLA

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