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In our UCLA chapter, we have three different membership types you can choose from; varying in the levels of commitment you are interested to participate as. For more information, please scroll down below!

Membership types

Peer Buddy

A student without an intellectual or developmental disability committed to a one-to-one friendship for a minimum of one academic year with a person with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD).  Peer buddies must fulfill the one-to-one commitment and submit a monthly friendship update in BBO.


An individual with a mild to moderate intellectual or developmental disability who commits to a one-to-one friendship with a student without IDD for one academic year.  Buddies must fulfill the one-to-one commitment and submit a monthly friendship update in BBO.  Buddies must be affiliated with the school or associated host site/service provider that serves as the chapter’s host site. Buddies participating in a college chapter must be 18 years old or older and must have approval from the affiliated host site to be matched in the chapter.

Associate Buddy/ Peer Buddy

Associate members and associate buddies are members of the chapter who are not matched in a one-to-one friendship.  These individuals may not be able to commit to a one-to-one friendship or there may not be enough members with IDD to match with all membership without IDD.  Typically chapters have several associate members because there are more people in the chapter without IDD.

SO, you want in?

In Best Buddies at UCLA, we are all about #Inclusion.


If you would like to join us in celebrating friendship and bringing inclusion to the IDD community, please apply through our affiliated Best Buddies Online application website. Click the link below!

Best Buddies at UCLA

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